Multi-Language support on Windows 7 Terminals

Educational computer systems begin to support the multi-language function on Windows 7 terminals. Using this function, users can use the Windows 7 terminals by their preferred languages. The personal settings are saved on the profile server, therefore you can use the same language settings from their next login.


  1. Double click the "Region and Language" icon on the windows desktop.
  2. Choose the "キーボードと言語 (Keyboard and Language)" tab.
  3. Choose your preferred language in the list.
  4. Click "適用 (Apply)" button and "今すぐログオフ (Logout now)".
  5. Login again.

Note that Windows 7 itself supports many languages, however, Microsoft Office 2010 supports the following languages only due to local diskspace.

  • 日本語(Japanese)
  • 英語(English)

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